Other Transportation Options

Walking and biking are part of a buffet of transportation options in Ithaca and Tompkins County that help you move in more sustainable way. All transportation options in the county can be found on Way2Go's Transportation Options page. Below are some of our partners.

ITHACA CARSHARE allows you to borrow vehicles 24/7 and you only pay for the time you borrow it, which makes it easier to live in Ithaca without the cost of owning a car. Ithaca Carshare is also a sister program of the Center for Community Transportation.

TOMPKINS CONSOLIDATED AREA TRANSIT (TCAT) is our local public transit system and their buses all have bike racks which carry 17,000 bicycles a year! Take a bike on the bus and defeat the hills.

GADABOUT is a non-profit, door-to-door transportation service for Tompkins County residents who are aged 60+ and for people with disabilities.

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