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The Blueprint for Better Bicycling is a community-built action plan to double the number of bike trips in and around Ithaca. To get there, the project will engage residents in and around Ithaca to identify barriers to biking and ways to address them. Let's make bicycling a safe, comfortable, and convenient way to get around town.

Grandmother and grandchild bike at Streets Alive!

53% of residents have biked in and around Ithaca in the past year.

2018 Ithaca Bicycle Use and Attitudes Survey

Why Focus on Bikes?

Biking at Stewart Park

Community Health

Bicycling is a low-impact exercise for any age that can be weaved into every day life as you move around town.

Bike Carshare Bus

Carbon Emissions

Transportation is the second biggest contributor to your carbon footprint; using a bicycle for short trips reduces carbon dioxide and other emissions.

Bike Parking at Farmers Market

Economic Vitality

To attract and retain talent and tourists, our bicycle amenities must be competitive to other cities such as Buffalo, Burlington, and Syracuse.

Young girl and senior woman biking

Access to Opportunities

Bicycling opens up the city to people of all ages and incomes for trips that are too long to walk but too short for transit to serve well.

Cayuga St Bike Lane


Bicycling is space-efficient and a great alternative for trips in town, so more people biking means more road space and parking for people who need to drive.

What WE've Learned

GIAC Seniors 2018 recumbent trike. Photo by Edna Brown.

20% of residents bike weekly or daily for errands during warmer months.

2018 Ithaca Bicycle Use and Attitudes Survey (Photo: Edna Brown)

In February 2018, Bike Walk Tompkins and the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council commissioned the 2018 Ithaca Bicycle Use and Attitudes Survey. Over 300 randomly-chosen residents were contacted to learn about their current bicycling use, their interest in bicycling, the barriers they face, and the infrastructure they would like. The results show that there is a growing number of people bicycling, and a majority of people are interested in bicycling more often and want more bike infrastructure. Dive deep into the results by downloading the survey report.

Tell Us What You Think

Southside Feedback

We need your experiences and ideas to inform this project. Participate in the project by learning about the current status of bicycling in Ithaca and completing the feedback form for the project. You could win a $50 Wegmans gift card!